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Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
I mean, the site is supposed to be for all ages even though the rules say 13+

You trying to tell me a 13 year old has never heard ****?

To quote chris rock
Give me a grown man who has never said **** and i'll show you a man that's full of ****.
Not my rules, but why is there a need for a lack of censorship on a hockey discussion forum? I can't think of a single way in which it would contribute to the conversation, and if I look at it in a utilitarianistic way it seems like more trouble than it's ultimately worth.

One curse per minute of the song? So now I have to listen to every song posted instead of just reading the lyrics and skipping to that part to see if it's edited? What if someone posts a 15 minute long song? I'm more likely to just delete it than take the time to listen to it.

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