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12-01-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
Schneider doesn't progress much, and many have told me, at least, that he plays below his OV. Bernier is lower now, but ends up higher in just about every case that I've seen. Also, it is hard to ignore age as a factor, here. Devils don't need bernier to start this year, or possibly even in 2013-2014. They need him in season three, when he will be roughly equal to Schnieder's overall, and three years younger.

I'm not sure Bernier is more prone to weak shots than Schneider--but I probably haven't played enough with either to really judge. I just know that I tend to struggle against Bernier, even at 78 overall, more than Schneider at 83.
Jack (in his various posts) pretty much explained my logic in the deal. Obviously Carter or Richards alone cannot provide what Kovy can bring in offensive talent, but I didn't trade for one of them I traded for both. Carter and Richards together should at least match the output of Kovy. I now have a one-two punch of Richards and Zajac up the middle, two great two-way centers. Carter, although he can't match Kovy's offensive production, certainly helps offset that loss.

I consider Bernier better than Schneider now and in the future. Most games I've played with or against Schneider he has been nothing short of awful (I put up 7 on him not but two nights ago). Bernier is also younger and I'll hopefully be able to lock him up long term to a reasonable cap hit after this year. Although some may scoff at the idea of getting replacement for Brodeur, I think most reasonable people would see that he has at most 2 years left. I'd prefer to get a goalie I can have for the next decade now, then head into the offseason worried how I'm going to replace Brodeur if he retires.

Finally, adding a 1st is only an overpayment if I end up in the bottom 10. It is certainly a risk I am taking considering we are simming half the year, but I'm confident that I'm a good enough player that the pick will be at worst (or at best, depending on your perspective) a middle 1st. Severson, although a 4* prospect, is 56 ovr and I've heard only reaches 72 by the time he is 23 (5 years from now). I can understand the sentiment of being happy that Kovy is out of the east, but frankly I'm very happy with the return I got and most I've talked to said either "take that deal and run," (prior to the trade) or "I can't believe the return you were able to get," (after the trade).

P.S. One correction Jack, Bernier is currently 80 ovr.

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