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12-01-2012, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
Which part is naive. That someone who invested almost 20 years to finally get tenure would not want to risk their career because they were afraid to fail an athlete? What would be the incentive to do this. Fear of an administrator? You do realise that if someone with tenure is dismissed for a violation like this they would never get another academic job.

Or am I being naive to believe that cheating is epidemic these days?

I have already said that I have no problem with believing that things like this have happened. But the suggestion was that handing in a blank exam and having the grade "taken care of" was the normal course of business across big US schools.

If you look at the top schools in the US in sports like football and basketball many of them are also very good academically. Duke, Notre Dame, UCLA, Michigan, Texas, ...these are all superb academic institutions. Permanent staff at these schools would be world class scholars. What is in it for them?
It sounded naive because in the end it's all about money. I would wager that highly skilled football players bring more money into big US schools than nearly all their tenured academics. Schools will pressure their academic staff to do whatever is necessary to keep their money making football players academically eligible to continue playing.

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