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12-01-2012, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
Makes sense, and don't think they would be giving refunds out, over and over to the same guy....

This seems to be a message to the fans, we want to be competative, and we want you satisfied, but you could see where there would be a ton of possible abuse....
Looking at the quote in the Suns case, it only applies to the December 6th game. Makes perfect sense from the Suns case. I'm sure a small segment of the attendance that night will buy tickets saying I've always meant to go to a Suns game, but they suck right? So they will buy a ticket to the game with the idea that I'll get to go and it will be "free." They will likely bring along someone, who may or may not be a Suns fan. Now assuming the Suns put in a good effort and the game experience is well done, that fan who wasn't a Suns fan before is enthralled by the experience and viola the Suns have new fans. If they aren't enthralled by it, likely that seat wouldn't have been sold so the Suns don't lose any money, but gain great market research in the process. I really doubt the majority of their fanbase that would routinely attend games would request a refund. So there is a no lose proposition on this one.

This sounds like the Vince McMahon theory. I had read a quote from him that went something like this, if he runs a WWF (it was an old quote) show in an arena and lost his shirt running it as 1000 fans showed up, he'd consider it a success if even 1 fan had never seen the WWF before and became a fan for life as a result. The Suns are essentially doing the same thing.

The greedy side of me says if I lived in Phoenix, I'd get the best available seats that I normally couldn't afford and even though I'd have a good time, I'd ask for a refund. Imagine sitting courtside for free? But my moral side says that is essentially fraud and my moral compass would never let me do that. Even if the Suns lost by 50, the other team would likely be fun to watch. So unless the game was a snoozefest of say a final score of 45-32, the LCD videoboard broke, the cheerleaders were 70 year olds and the concession stands were closed, likely I wouldn't ask for a refund.

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