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12-01-2012, 02:19 PM
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1. The mother is not going to paint her recently deceased daughter as someone who facilitated these actions. Her eye-witness testimony is not credible and if you look at any peer-reviewed research done on eye-witness testimony, especially with heavy trauma, the information you get is far from credible or reliable.
2. He should be able to take care of himself but that doesn't mean anything can't happen in the heat of the moment when a gun threatens your life.
3. Regardless of who did what, who killed who, and who is to responsible. Pointing fingers is a mindless, pointless game, the motive resolves nothing, an autopsy will hopefully be done to see if there was any damage to his brain that could have caused this.
4. Everyone here is a victim. Two people are dead. A child is left without parents. Two families have lost loved ones. Three individuals witnessed the death of someone they cared for. Hundreds of people are now coping with a sudden loss. Can we stop throwing around the negative words that are meant to degrade the dead when NONE of us here have the slightest indication of what occured, not during the murders, not in their heads, not in the bubbling cauldron of their social lives.
5. The problem is that somewhere along the line, someone thought that murder, the attempt or threat of death, was the ONLY way to resolve the issues. This is the fundamental issue with society right now. Mental illness, depression, they are all considered weaknesses, especially in males, so we don't admit to it, we don't seek help. There are plenty of ways to resolve unconscious or conscious feelings of guilt, rage or anger that can lead to mental illnesses, or temporary homocidal/suicidal impulses. Unfortunately, we, as friends, families, society, don't see the signs, don't do a good enough job of allowing people to be sad, to be afraid, to seek HELP.

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