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Originally Posted by Oi'll say! View Post
In order for someone to get tenure they have to be smart enough to know how the system works. And "the system", aka "the usa", puts it's economy light years ahead of human life. They'll throws thousands under the bus to grease the wheels of the economy. You think the US gov't cares if a few kids get bogus degrees if it means the difference of mega millions of dollars for their universities?

How much money do the Notre Dame *** Irish bring in every season? They probably dwarf the Maple Leafs.

Where does the money come from for ND to hire all the best and brightest Profs?

Do those profs care where their money comes from as much as they care about the football team of the uni where they are working, or their alma mater? Are they humans who understand that some of these kids have nothing outside of their shot at athletic glory?

Do they understand that those kids are actually performing a civic duty by earning money for the university? (If they could sanction boxing they'd be taking money out of Don King's pockets and using it towards higher education. Would that be so bad?)

Who is breathing down the necks of these professors when it's time to assign grades to students, the US Gov't or the Dean?

Who even really gives a rip if some kid who doesn't get a lick of money is rewarded with a shiny new scholarship for helping ND win some games? He's not going to use it to build space shuttles for nasa, he'll end up working in a car dealership smewhere even if you give him a phd.

There are a million good reasons to give those kids their fake degrees and the only reason to withhold them is for "the integrity of the system" lol.

Some people are cogs, more valuable people grease the wheels, some people complain about the integrity of system. If you could make the system work within the confines of "divine integrity" maybe someone else's system will work a little bit better and they'll build a bigger army (but with less integrity) and come kill you.

A lot of grajooits cant reed or rite good. All that materz iz they contribyoot to thu sistum, be they hed smashers or noorosurjinz.
Sorry, but you don't get tenured at a top US school by playing nice. That is not the way it works. And if believe it does then all I can say is that you do not understand how higher education works.

Just out of curiosity, how many tenured faculty do you know at schools like Notre Dame or Michigan or UCLA or Duke...?

No one is arguing that shaddy things don't happen, nor that some postdoc teaching an intro to exercise physiology class might not takke it easy on a jock. I am not even saying that they do not get special treatment, because they do. Concessions will be made if they miss exams while away representing the school. Tutors will be provided for them. Lots of advantages go with being a high profile athlete. But this representation of some Dean threatening faculty to play nice or else is fanatasy stuff.

The economic benefits of a high profile athletic program are significantly exaggerated. Net proceeds from atheltics tends to be quite small in comparison with the operating budget of the schools even for the most high profile schools.

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