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12-01-2012, 03:33 PM
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Originally Posted by ApeZilla View Post
Yes (it's cool we're kinda skipping his possible sophomore slump)
So you are suggesting people would think that Homer could assume Read will backtrack and leave him off assuming other GMs do likewise?... I disagree that anybody would.

How is he doing in Europe? I believe he is doing okay... Bill Meltzer would be the guy on that... IMO, being an older rookie should possibly help avoid what some players are said to have... the dreaded Sophomore Jinx. How real that is is in question as I see it.

In any event, IMO Homer would have to have his head examined to not protect Read... and other GMs should have theirs examined not to consider Read as a selection... especially as the more established players are picked off... Which brings up the question; wouldn't the chance of a Sophomore Jinx be a good thing for the owning club if they do decide to leave a second year player off such lists?

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