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Originally Posted by tempest2i View Post
1) Grades would be manipulated after the prof has handed in their grades and before they are officially posted.

2) I would have stayed in academia if they would have invested 5-10 million dollars into my research. Instead I would have been fighting for federal grants and investment dollars from industry. I don't remember the University really doing anything more than paying my salary while I worked there. Any money that we got to do actual research came from outside sources. I have no idea how valuable any given athlete is, but I suspect Bama's QB is very valuable to the school.
You serious believe that there would be wide scale changes to submitted grades without the profs consent. That is fraud! It would not only see the perp dismissed but he or she would be looking at a possible jail term. Most of these are public institutions.

When you worked at a University who paid your salary and benefits, provided you with an office, with adminisrative support. How were your grad students funded. What about indirect costs of your research? If you wer funded by the Tri-Councils then your grant was actually the property of the University. You had signing authority but if you left they kept it. These are investments in faculty.

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