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Originally Posted by Henrik To Daniel View Post
I sat through for an hour+ of highlights from that SCF and I think I have come to the conclusion that we can't use injuries as an excuse to not win the Cup that year.

Yes, we had several injuries to our key players (Kesler, Henrik, Hamhuis), but the fact of the matter is, the Canucks STILL generated a ton of offense that series.

We had shot totals of: 34, 33, 41, 38, 25, 38, and 37. That is an average of 35 shots which is really good considering we didn't have any long OT games that series.

I know shot totals don't always matter because you have to look at the quality of shots you're taking. But from the highlights I watched (and from my own live memory), it seemed as if the Canucks were throwing everything on net and getting some amazing opportunities to score including a number of breakaways and odd man rushes. But we just could not bury ANYTHING.

Thomas played (in my opinion) the best a goaltender can play. He was just downright dominant and I think his performance is the best ever for any goaltender in any series.

There were so many times where all we needed was that first goal and the entire result of the game would be different.

Fact: In the 8-1 shelling by the Bruins in Game 3, the game was tied 0-0 after the first period! The B's scored 8 goals in two periods, 3 of which came in the final couple of minutes of the game!

If we had got a goal at the end of the first period, do you think we still lose 8-1? I don't think so.

To sum it up, Thomas was playing out of his mind and he is the primary reason why we lost. We can't keep coming up with the injury excuse. We got outplayed by one player, but that one player just so happened to define his Hall of Fame status in that 7 game series.
And to think how beatable Thomas looked coming out of the Tampa series...

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