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Originally Posted by NC107 View Post
I have 4 season tickets in section 107. The family has agreed we are not going to a home game if the season starts. I personally believe the fans need to make a statement that impacts the NJ Devils and the NHL financially. Anything else is a waste of time. The owmers don't care and consider, us fans, stupid for hanging on after the last lockout. I remember staying in the parking lot, not going to our seats, at Giants stadium during a game to make a statement regarding the Giants team not be competitive. Things changed for the better. Vanderbeek is between a rock and a hard place. He is dying on the vine. His debt is more than the team is worth and he has to discount ticket 50% for shows during this lockeout. He won't make it and Jacobs doesn't about care about the small market Devils nor does Bettman.
If you think that the Devils are one of the pro-lockout teams you sir are out to lunch.

I understand you are fustrated and you should be, but by not attending games once they resume and by not buying things such as concessions and merch you will be part of the ongoing problem in our market and the reason our team is 60+ million in debt.

If you can afford to go and you have the desire to go...GO.

Also, say what you want about Bettman but he is extremely favorable to small markets.

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