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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
I'm with Jacobs: cancels the season, break the union completly and rebuild a complete new business model for the NHL. It's ridiculous for the NHL who barely has a tv deal to pay their players like MLB, the NFL and even the NBA when they generate next to nothing. NHL players have always been overpaid. It's especially true since more than the others, hockey is a team sport and talent doesn't necesseraly make you win championships. So you pay big money for guys that are making questionable difference in the outcome. And the deal the NHL is proposing, even that deal is too generous to the players. Like in 2004 where the owners thought the Cap was enough and were easy on the rest of the stuff, it came to bite them in the butt later on, again this time, they'll settle for one victory (50-50) and let the rest pass and it will hurt them again because they don't have the balls to throw the killing blow. Wheras the whole landscape needs to be restructured.
You (and Jacobs, if that's his game plan) may well get your wish with decertification cause the teams that are not doing well economically will sure not keep up with the teams that can pay big dollars for talent. Problem is, how does the league pay for failed franchises both in dollars or in loss of credibility? Cause they sure won't be talking about expansion anytime soon if decertification results in the loss of any number of franchises.

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