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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Like Minnesota?

And Denver.

A so called "failed market", is a little to easy of an argument. Things change in a market, demographic changes, ecoonomic changes.

Quebec, Winnipeg, Hartford, Minnesota, all were once "Failed markets". Things have changed drastically (at least in Winnipeg and Quebec) economically. The resession didnt not have nearly the impact here as in other regions. There is and always will be a hardcore base of hockey fans in Winnipeg, Quebec, and Minnesota, and I would guess that if the NHL ever came back to Hartford it would do well.

The reason the NHL left Winnipeg are numerous, Dollar, crappy ownership, crappy arena.
I remember 1996 vividly the times were bleak in Manitoba, I graduated in 1993 and only 4 of us remained in Manitoba by 1996, the rest had moved to Alberta. in 2012 3/4 of those who moved are now back.

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