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Originally Posted by tempest2i View Post
I know it already happens. I've seen it, in person.

Prof teaches a difficult subject, pulls together all the grades and submits these. Faculty reviews the grades that have been submitted and realizes that not enough students have passed, the faculty wants to keep their numbers up. Final grades are posted, more students passed than the prof originally had passing the course.

No one is going to jail over this stuff.
What you are now describing is a completely different story. And the prof would have been made aware of this.

Every university has its procedures for grade approval. Professors in most schools can have their grades changed if they are deemed to be inappropriate. typically though this is very rare. I've actually had to testify at a formal arbitration hearing on exactly this matter during my last term as a department Chair. As a bonus I got to spend a fair bit of time with a bunch of lawyers who I can assure you took this all very seriously.

That said I am not going to argue with anyone that grade inflation does not exist, or that there are never inappropriate things that happen. But your previous post suggested that grades for individual student atheltes would be changed without the profs knowledge for the purposes of keeping them in school. That is fraud. On a wide scale people would go to jail.

I think we have taken this way off line. It would seem that I am not going to convince anyone who thinks that all of this is routine and a I am not going to be convinced that it does. So perhaps we should let it die.

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