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12-01-2012, 04:53 PM
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Not likely. It's just not part of their collective culture, the way it is with baseball, basketball, and football. There are really only a few states (Massachusetts, Michigan, New York) that have a decent hockey culture but I'd imagine Minnesota is really the only state where the game is a way of life. In Canada, it's on a list of life's most important necessities, along with water, food, and air.

Besides, on a player-by-player basis, Canada is still so far ahead of the States, that it's not really close. The States has some great players (Quick, Suter, Parise, Kane, Kesler, etc.) but the Canadians still trump them on top-end talent (Crosby, Stamkos, Weber, Doughty, Giroux, Tavares, Toews, etc.) and they blow them away in depth. Canada could ice two or three competitive teams in any international competition. Imagine what the US's B-team would look like?

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