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12-01-2012, 05:02 PM
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versus series

Game 1: Holy crap what a game. I was able to jump out to a 3 goal lead early but Florida wouldn't give up and tied it up. Was able to pull ahead at the end and steer it home on the road.

Game 2: Wow, another beauty. Florida took it to me early this time and got the lead 3-2 before we DCed midway through the third (really sucks cause it pretty much wasted a whole game of time). After we both were standing around doing our best Usher impression the clock finally struck time to get back at er, and I was able score 2 quick ones (Markstrom prob wants one of them back...) to take the win.

Florida had to go eat dinner so I'm posting this now quicjly.

So I'm now up 2-0 and it's been the best series ever, so much attention to detail and defense all around mixed with great offense.

But we were only able to get 2 games in during the 2 hour block we had to play, so now I have to head to my christmas party which really ****ing sucks cause this series deserves a proper finish.

Not sure what to do here. I've been busy both Friday and Saturday night with unavoidable things, and Florida has been busy both Friday and Saturday during the day for work which is obv also unavoidable.

Fuss has volunteered to step in and play some games for me, which pains me cause I really wanna be playing these games cause their that damn good.

Here's my proposal for a solution to get this thing resolved:

Right now its 2-0 Washington.

Fuss plays the next two games against Florida for me. Based on the outcome the rest would be as follows:

If Fuss loses both games then the remaining 3 games are simmed CPU v CPU.

If Fuss wins 1 or both of the 2 games then florida gets a free victory in game 5 (Fuss pulls the goalie), and the remaining 2 games are simmed CPU v CPU.

Another option I'd be ok with is giving Florida a free win (fuss plays and pulls the goalie) in game 3, and then simming the remaining 4 games CPU v CPU.

What would be the worst case scenario I'd really hope we can avoid is FLorida playing my CPU for the series cause that's just gonna result in 4 straight wins for him and this series deserves better.

Really hope you'll accept any of these options Florida, I really feel like they're fair. I gotta go throw on my suit right now and leave but good luck for the rest of the series regardless of how it happens.

And fuss, thanks for stepping in and doing that for me I really appreciate it it's not gonna go unappreciated.

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