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Originally Posted by berklon View Post
The problem is only 2 teams can make that far a playoff run in any given year. What happens when they're out the first round or don't even make the playoffs? Teams must be able to make a profit from regular season alone - or they're going to be unprofitable for many years.

We've already seen that they can't make it work in Phoenix. All the evidence has pointed to this even when they had a good team. If there was a good chance this team would be profitable then there'd be investors lined up to buy the team and keep them in Glendale. Yet, we're here 3 years later and it's taking a massive subsidy for them to stay put. To think the Coyotes will be profitable when half the teams who have much better circumstances aren't is delusional.
I'm not saying the Coyotes need to go on a deep playoff run each season.

I'm saying they were last in attendance in 2011-2012. They've got a young, talented playoff team. There is no reason that they can't significantly increase their regular season attendance.

Add in playoff revenue to the increased season tix sales+ stronger lease + revenue sharing and I disagree that they can't make a profit for Jamison.

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