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12-01-2012, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by scythe View Post
Boston has alays been a fiscally responsible franchise. For the longest time us fans had to suffer through years where we thought of Jacobs as being too cheap to spend money to win a cup. Jacobs never threw money at the problem. It isn't until recent years that the Bruins have started spending closer to the cap, and it paid off with a Stanley Cup.

But in doing so they've always spent within their budget. There are no 14 year backloaded contracts in Boston. Because Jacobs is able to control his costs in line with his profits he is seen as the model of being fiscally conservative while still putting a highly competitive team on the ice. That's why he's the chairman of the board. He is seen as the conscience of the owners. The guy who is best able to save his fellow owners from themselves.

That means having to be the villain in the eyes of the players and the fans. But he's never shied away from that role. Those of us longtime Bruins fans know that all too well. But he gets results for both his own bottom line, and the league's. He may step on a few toes in doing so, but that's the price you pay if you want to be a leader.
but he isn't taking a hardline with the owners and forcing them to be fiscally responsible...he's taking from the players (and in ways that don't affect the bottom line) because to "save the owners from themselves"...and it's easy to see why people don't respect him for that.

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