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12-01-2012, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
Enlighten me, exactly who can afford those Parise/Suter deals in the long run? Besides Toronto, NYR, and Montreal that is. I'm sure many Penguin fans who were clamoring for Parise this summer will be A-OK that we never sign another big name FA because the contract could mean bad news for the team in the future. You blame the Southern teams for these "lockouts", but it wasn't just them who have had troubles & problems.

Also, I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be convincing you of in the Dallas situation. They had ownership issues which are now being patched up (sound familiar?). They had to rebuild and go from the known Modano, Turco, and Richards (you know, the guy they could've spent a lot of money to keep, but let him go?) to guys like Benn & Ericksson who don't even get talked about much in the NHL markets (unfortunately for them they didn't win a draft lottery). And no joke people aren't talking about the lockout in Dallas, they're not talking about it in a lot of cities (most of my Penguin fan friends aren't either). In fact last year during the NBA lockout guess what they weren't talking about as much? And as a side note the biggest concern in Dallas is ALWAYS the Cowboys.

You don't think the players should get blamed for ownership issues teams are having, that's fine, but then explain to me why exactly they should be getting a bigger piece of the pie.
It's just a recycling of the typical canada good, usa bad kind of tripe.

We can sit here and try to explain that it takes decades for hockey to develop in a non traditional market. Have to get youth teams going, those kids and their parents get into the sport which spreads it to more people. Eventually not only do those markets become hockey fans but they start graduating players to the NHL draft as well. We already saw a few 1st rounders that came from California a place that apparently wouldnt fall under Mr Wu's ideal area for a Hockey team.

It's funny how he points to Nashville as a negative but most people here can see that they have an absolutely rabid fan base and are much more of a success story than a failure. Pointing to the Weber deal is sort of ridiculous when it was the Flyers who jacked up the contract cost of their team captain and best player by far. Of course they had to retain him but they werent able to smartly sign him for what they could afford. Frankly that's what this whole lockout is all about. It's to close loopholes that teams like the Flyers try to exploit in order to flex their big market muscles.

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