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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Actually, to be precise, it was ''players take zero financial risks''. Seven pages later and you still can't get that right.
Also, it's a fact, not a claim. Owners pay for everything hockey related within a team, they're the ones investing all the cash, therefore they're the ones taking the financial risks. FACT, not a claim.
Players lose out financially the majority of the time when they don't make it, rendering it a financial risk.

FACT, not a claim.

Yes I already know what you're going to say "they've only lost five to ten years of their lives, and they can still be RICH".


Owners don't pay for everything hockey-related within a team, the fans pay for most of it. Owners are intermediaries who process the fans' expenses into hockey expenses and take a median 3 million dollar annual cut as compensation for services rendered.

There is no owner in this league or any other that I'm aware of "paying for all hockey expenses".

Let me know how many times you need this point explained to you.

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