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Originally Posted by moosehead81 View Post
You're absolutely right. However, those teams that don't spend (on "stars") generally don't have as many bums in the seats, ergo, economic issues. If you think that successful decertification on the part of the PA results in a 30 team NHL in the same locations they are now in 5 years, then I've got a piece of swamp I'll sell you.
I agree that successful decertification will reroute stars to large markets and that stars do more for butts in seats than they do for on-ice competitiveness. I do agree that decertification would probably equal contraction. I could see a lot of owners looking for buyers which would hurt franchise value across the board, including large markets. I don't think teams would fold immediately with decertification but unless some step was taken that I don't foresee then contraction would be the likely upshot.

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