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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
Back in the early days South Philly didn't even have PRISM IIRC, it was SouthWest Philly that did... South Jersey was spotty and I remember the Fairview section of Camden didn't have it. Being a young family with a couple kids the price of cable was a luxury at times even for those that had it in their area... a luxury that people were willing to go for -- actually the price of tickets to the Spectrum were dirt cheap and the parking was free with guile and a willingness to walk a bit... the snag was scoring the tickets from the STHs who could afford to attend many games and had a long list of buyers for those they sold -- When we traveled to the bars that had it we had to nurse the draughts so we didn't bust the weekly budget.

It was games like that Rangers one along with Islander ones that gave us a chance to steal a NYC station signal -- no Devils back then -- and I remember Daily's across Mount Ephraim Ave from Fairview that had a high antenna and cheap draughts so we went there when NYC teams of multiple sports visited Philly... as well as blacked out National Games that were aired in NYC. I also at times traveled to NE Philly to co-workers/friends homes that were able to pick up New York channels.

Home games unless National ones were few and far between... even on sellouts... we had to be resourceful to be able to see Spectrum Flyers and Sixers games and Vet Phillies games, although the Phillies IIRC aired much more Home Games... Eagles games back then I believe were subject to Blackouts, and were not all sellouts in those days. I was lucky enough to have a couple/few STHs who would sell me unwanted games... and in the late-Seventies/Early-Eighties one of them turned into a partnership that allowed me into... and it eventually morphed into a half season as it has been since the days of that YouTube Rangers game... but by then I had Prism and attended over half the home games anyway, so I got to see all the home games I wanted... Problem solved through the passage of time.

Boy,... did that turn into a ramble or what? haha
We used to wait outside the Spectrum and once the puck was dropped the price for tickets dropped to. The scalpers just about gave them away. But I have to admit, the RNR bar was my favorite place to go. We became very tight with the owners and I would take my future wife there on Sundays and grab dinner and watch the games.
I could tell you some stories about that place you would not beleive!! This was mid to late 70's. The town I lived in did not get cable till 1978 and once that came in that was the end of that. I spent many a night just listening to the games on radio and writing down the goals. Did alot of writing with teams like the Seals, Scouts, Barons etc LOL The things we did to watch hockey huh?

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