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12-01-2012, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by scythe View Post
It all affects the bottom line, no matter how peripherally. And by "taking from the players" to use your words, he is in turn helping the owners save themselves from themselves. You're missing the cause and effect of how business works in this kind of environment.
if there's a cap linked to a fixed % of revenue then the money to spend is what it is...and it's up to the owners (or, more specifically, GMs) to decide how to spend it. If they spend it stupidly then they can pay the idiot tax for their own behaviour.

...and it shouldn't be the players who are forced to save the owners from themselves. there's a baseline level of responsibility that they should have to show on their own...and if they can't then they can face the consequences.

the only real contract issue that should be addressed is preventing the front loaded contracts...and that can be done by fixing the maximum annual % variance of the contracts.

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