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12-01-2012, 07:08 PM
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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
really? do the players *really* need this? i find it very hard to believe there are more than a handful of players that actually need the money to pay the bills.... what's weird, is this doesn't look good in the public eye either... $10,000 is 20% of what a lot of people make in a year, this will only remind these people that the players live in a completely different world than they do

i just don't understand why they would do this, doesn't make any sense at all
Maybe it was done to emphasize the unions commitment to "winning" like saying there's more Where that came from if the lockout continues through the year. that's the only explanation i have anyway, its a laughable and stupid move imo at this point in the lockout i mean are there really any players in desperate need of money

Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
I'd like to see the 30 owners sit down with the ~30 team player reps and face to face decide amongst themselves just what the bottom line is for both sides.

Basically remove the egotistical mouth pieces from each side (Bettman and Fehr)... and have the parties who are actually affected by the lockout decide what their respective bottom lines are. Is 50-50 really the absolute most the owners will give up? Would they be willing to do something like 54-53-52-51-50-50 over say 6 years for the players.... so it gradually declines to the magic 50-50 level? Would the players accept that as well?

I really don't think the actual parties that have the most to lose/gain in all this (players/owners) are that far apart. I assume they all have a love of hockey and my sappy, sentimental side still has this stupid belief that they can still come to a reasonable compromise and get a deal done to insure the game isn't irreparably damaged (more than it has been already).
What bettman has proposed is similar to this a players/owners meeting taking away the leaders (and their egos) the pa is considering the offer and should respond by tonight or tomorrow however the meeting would not have all owners present rather there would a select few maybe five or so along with a bunch of players

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