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Originally Posted by Kingstonian84 View Post
Thats a matter of opinion, if you feel the roster is better thats your prespective but it doesn't make it fact. Really its debatable as to whether this team is better now then it was 4 years ago, all I know is 4 years later we are STILL a lottery team and thats what stands out to me.

IMO and this is just my opinion and I really don't know if were roster wise that much better- Prior to Burke we had an elite top centre and lacked a elite sniper winger, now we have a elite sniper but no top #1 centre, so really its a wash. Burke has brought in good pieces (Kessel, Phaneuf, Gardiner, Lupul, even Kadri) but he has not managed to get us a #1 goalie, our bottom 6 is soft as a marshmellow, our blueline is deep but really 1/3 of them is good in their own end the rest don't have a clue.

When Burke inherited this team it was an aging one, now its a young one, he's basically taken this team IMO from one extreme to the other, neither situation is necessairly ideal.

Again just my .02 cents doesn't mean its fact or that I'm right or wrong.
Thing is, the best Maple Leafs teams with Sundin as the driving force had been slowly in development for 7+ seasons. You could put Kessel and Sundin in a nutshell and look at everything else and see a massive difference in potential.

Back in 2000-2004 when the Maple Leafs were arguably the best they've been in some time, they never had a glut of prospects like Rielly, Gardiner, Kadri and James Van Reimsdyk. They've never had the prospect depth at all positions either. They also never had a defenseman like Phaneuf. The majority of the team was built through trade and UFA. Let's also keep in mind that team had almost double the amount of time to reach that level of success.

JFJ didn't help anything out by selling off assets to make the playoffs and never making them either. Some of Toronto's darkest days in recent memory.

I just don't get how every other team in NHL get's a pass for close to 7-10 seasons and Burke is hated so much and anyone who supports him is a "kool-aid drinker" after he's been here for 4.

I guess it boils down to people just hating Burke for who he is. They don't like how big he talks and thus far not achieving much of anything.

But those are personal agendas that ignore what is best for the Toronto Maple Leafs going forward. Burke needs some more time just like every other GM is the world and I see far more progress at this stage than other Maple Leaf teams before it.

The holes at #1C and #1G I believe will be filled. If Burke doesn't fill them I'll calling for his head too but at the very least I'll give him the same amount of time everyone else gets too.

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