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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
There are some draconian penalties in breaking leases although they can be mitigated through bankruptcy. I would genuinely like confirmation in writing that the NHL doesn't have its signature on some of these arena deals as a guarantor. I would assume the potential for lawsuits stemming from bankruptcy or the folding of a team is pretty high (and costly) even if the NHL isn't acting as a guarantor in writing.
I would be very surprised, beyond shocked actually to learn that the NHL had in fact at anytime anywhere in any city signed on as guarantor, backing a franchise in its dealings with municipal or even state authorities. Cant imagine it SJ. I mean, to imagine that the BOG's would approve such a deal, or that Bettman would ever agree to such just isnt on. Just look at what the NHL pulled in Glendale? Like lambs to the slaughter. Signed off on all rights through BK; signed on to a 10yr AMUL etc. These muni's are just playthings. Easily manipulated.... but really, its all hypothetical, as I dont believe the NHL will Contract, doesnt have to, doesnt want to, Bush League move.

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