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Originally Posted by PETRYDISH View Post
Not going to talk about Oilers cause I'd look like a homer. I really think Torontos defense prospects look better on paper than the Pens though, and it really hinges on Reilly. He's the best player of the group IMO so I would have to give the edge to them. While I think Yakupov>Reilly, I don't think Burke was completely talking out of his @$5 when he said he had Reilly rated the highest, the guy is going to be the real deal. Watching both Murray and Reilly play I would honestly choose Riley over Murray even if I may be in the minority. Then you factor in Gardiner who is poised to be a solid smooth skating transition player who has already seemed to have found a niche and it puts them over the edge. That being said, Toronto sucks and I hope they trade all these good defensemen away for old players well past their primes.
There's noooooo way the Leafs D prospects look better than the Penguins' (who have a plethora of potential top-4 D-men).
I'll just repost what I did earlier because I really feel the Leafs prospects are being overhyped here... Gardiner doesn't count, get that through your heads! That's even worse than RNH being included in prospect lists.

Rielly (8.5 C) = Schultz (8.0 C)
Finn (7.0 C) << Klefbom (8.0 C)
Percy (7.0 C) <= Marincin (7.5 C)
Blacker (7.5 C) > Gernat (7.5 D)
Holzer (6.0 B) < Musil (7.5 C)

Not to mention the depth guys that might be in Edmonton's favour... Simpson, Bigos, Davidson, Teubert, Laleggia, Fedun, etc.
I just don't understand how the Leafs can figure in everyone's top 5 lists, but not the Oilers.

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