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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
I agree, there is more of a linguistic and cultural adjustment for Russians coming to NA than there is for Western Europeans or Quebecois moving to english cities. The relatively large number of immigrants from Russia now living in NA probably helps a bit, but granted the adjustment probably isn't easy. However I have to point out that most immigrants to NA aren't from Europe anymore. I would guess that the adjustment for Russians is much easier than it is for people from China, India, the Middle East, etc, etc, so I think in the big picture it may not be as tough for Russians as some would suggest.

My original point was that if these cultural and linguistic adjustments resulted in poorer performance on the ice we should have seen it with other groups such as the Quebecois, albeit to a lesser degree.

Being married to a Scandinavian I have to call you on one thing though. The influence Norwegian has had on English is almost completely negligible. Old Norse maybe a tiny bit, but Norwegian, I don't think so.

I'm sure this article where Swedes lay claim to all things Scandinavian will make your Norwegian blood will boil, but we should all remember the Vikings next Thors-day!
There are alot of immigrants that dosent adapt to the new society. At least its like that in Norway and I guess som from ME, Asia or Africa dosent fit in in NA. Its hard to learn a new lang, culture and make friends. That was my point

Well did u know that the city of York got its name from norwegians/danes. York =Jorvik New York = Ny Jordvik. Also here u got a list

Many of the words u use comes from other germanic languages. From norwegian u got words like arm, bag, ski etc. England was invaded by Denmark, Saxones, Jyder etc.

And btw I dnt care about the swedes. At least they got cheap food, tobacco and booze. I can also watch swedish sport streams without any problem The danes on the other hand are impossible to understand. Sounds like they got poteto in their mouth....

But lets not make this a discussion about lang. I think we more or less agree

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