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Originally Posted by Awwufelloff View Post
Why are people using HF ratings? There independently done by biased or un biased people. They are not a clear representative factor of anyone's talent or future talent by any means. Only way to gather and opinion is watching all of these prospects play and drawing a conclusion from that. I see that your new here, but those ratings are not a good indicator.
Its nearly impossible to watch all the prospects. HF ratings are by no means an exact science but they ball park where prospects are in relation to others. While there are ratings that make you scratch your head, the average of the ratings are good. They also help neutral fans get an idea about what to expect from a prospect. Musil for example does not play a fancy game so hes overlooked, but many scouts (HF too) pick up on his strengths.

Also the ratings are neutral, if you were to have debate just based on viewings every leafs fan would say their defenseman is the next bobby orr, likewise for edmonton fans.

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