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Originally Posted by Plan The Parade View Post
That is a very powerful assertion. You are saying that hockey, as a sport, has reached its ceiling of growth in the United States. Is there any proof to that assertion?
Just take a look at places like Phoenix , Florida , Columbus , Atlanta , Nashville , Dallas , Carolina where the NHL. is trying to grow the game with terrible results with only Dallas & Carolina being successful & as for the rest will the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg , The Coyotes are on the verge of relocation , Nashville stable but fragile but if this season is lost do to the lockout they could easly be back in the same spot they where back in 2006 , Florida is on life support unless they start winning soon or
they could be on the move & as for Columbus they will be gone within the next 5 years because no one there cares about the blue jackets in columbus they only care about the Ohio State Buckeyes .

Lets be honest there is not much left for the NHL. to grow the game in the USA. just take a look .

Seattle - Bulid that new arena & the NHL. will come & Seattle would be a huge success
Houston - Could be a Good Hockey market but not intrested in the NHL. right now
Portland - The same as Houston a good hockey market but not intrested right now
Las Vegas - Pretty much the same type of market as Phoenix it simply won't work
Kansas City - 60\40 chance the NHL could work there but they will have to beat the NBA. there because the NBA. is planning to expand after next season & Kansas City is one the front runners to land an NBA. team & KC. right in the middle of basketball country.

Hamilton , Quebec City & Seattle will get NHL. team within 7 years.

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