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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
Look at what Welker did in the league before coming to NE and tell me it was him that made Brady and not the other way around. You're really reaching.

You want to use the Vincent Jackson example? Freeman's numbers are better than what he produced in a slump last year but still down from his 2010 season. Philip Rivers' number almost identical to last season.

Show of hands, who had heard of Demaryius Thomas before Peyton showed up in Denver?

Continuing with Manning, what ever happened to Dallas Clark?

2009 (with Peyton): 16 games - 100 rec, 1106 yds, 10 TD
2010 (injury shortened w/ Peyton): 6 games - 37 rec, 347 yds, 3 TD
2011 (with nobody at QB): 11 games - 34 rec, 342 yds, 2 TD
2012 (in Tampa): 11 games - 31 rec, 320 yds, 3 TD

So he had almost identical stats in 6 games with Peyton compared to 11 without him the following season.

How's Robert Meacham doing without Drew Brees?

Supposed "elite" receiver Steve Smith: 14 games - 46 rec, 554 yards, 2 TD with Jimmy Clausen. Next season, with Cam Newton: 16 games - 79 rec, 1394 yds, 7 TD.

We could go on for days.

Oh no.... Welker and Moss made that 50TD season possible for Brader way and not the other way around ( but I guess we can wait and see next year when New England hopefully doesn't resign him)

D. Thomas caught that bomb from Tebow last year to beat Pittsburgh..... Tebow.... you know the QB that "can't throw the call".... and Peyton Manning is a rare exception because he teaches his WR how to play.... Thomas now uses hand motions when he is about to break his route. Eric Decker is probably a bit more surprising to me.

Dallas Clark has lost a step. Its pretty obvious if you've watched him the last couple years

Robert Meacham s***s. A 1st round pick that got over-shadowed in an offense that prides itself in having a bunch of good receivers, one great WR and arguably best Tight End.... Buffalo should be glad they didn't sign this clown.

Steve Smith had a good year last year..... and right back on track to have 3tds this year..... this tends to happen when you go from a soft schedule one season to a harder one this year.

Oh and back to V. Jackson.... Rivers tds are down from last year..... ints up but since Freeman had a "slump" year last year maybe Rivers had the same.... you know because before last year he averaged 30td and 10ints a year.... and Floyd and Alexander are pretty good imo....

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