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Originally Posted by VaxjoDevil View Post
The Evra incident was a joke. Eight games for using a word that has no racist relevance whatsoever in his mother tongue. You ever heard Suarez talk? The guy can't say **** in english. So then FA, give every foreign player a class in what you can't say in your own language because if you translate it, it will turn out as an insult.

It was all for FA to score political correctness points.

However, in the same game, Evra repeatedly saying he would punch another player's face, that's all fine of course.

And if you can't find players with worse rap sheets you simply haven't watched soccer much, that is for sure.
That's a new one.

According to Evra's testimony, Suárez said in Spanish that he had earlier kicked Evra "because you are black", said "I don't speak to blacks" and used the word "negro" five times in total as they argued. Suárez had claimed that he used the word 'negro' only once to address Evra and this was intended to be conciliatory and friendly, but the FA rejected this claim as being "unsustainable and simply incredible given that the players were engaged in an acrimonious argument." As the conversation between Suárez and Evra took place in Spanish, linguistic experts were called in to help the panel with the meaning of the phrases. The panel concluded that "Suárez's use of the term [negro] was not intended as an attempt at conciliation or to establish rapport; neither was it meant in a conciliatory and friendly way."

Besides, punching someone in the face wouldn't be racism. It's being an *******. Being racist equates to being an ******* and scum of the earth. If you can't spot the difference you're part of the problem

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