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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
Yakupov dominated on his own. If Galyenchuk was his center he would have put up much higher numbers as a result .He was at about 2 ppg before injury, with was a CHL record, he could have been around 2.4-2.5 with Galyenchuk. Yakupov would have forsure benefited from Galy playing and his #1 draft pedigree would have been higher and people would be calling him the next crosby (they were call him the next big thing even without Galy)

Ofcourse Galyenchuk would have benefited from playing with Yakupov and probaly would have gaven him a run for his money. But you have to take into account what Yakupovs point totals would have increased by too.
Also if your back dating a players current point totals to the previous year then it can be held that you could take Yakupovs KHL production into account. Since he is putting up better numbers as a rookie then OVY or any russian he would have maintained his #1 spot

Galyenchuk is a special player tho
Similarly, you have to wonder what Galy's numbers would have been like had he had Yakupov to feed the puck to. Galy is almost singlehandedly creating offense for Sarnia and is turning average players into point-producers (Sarrault / Boucher etc.).

We will never know how the draft rankings would have changed (if any) had Galy been healthy last season. But there is no mistaking that he is a special player.

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