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Originally Posted by Callys Chicken Parm View Post
****ing NJ State Troopers, I got a ticket on my way back from Scranton in Warren County. I was going 85 in a 65 (guilty as charged) and have to pay a $200 fine.

Question for all you smarty pants, do the points carry over to my NY license?

Was thinking of this the whole time:

It's different for every state, but as a New York resident, here are the particulars:

The NYSDMV does not record out-of-state violations committed by NYS drivers in other jurisdictions. The exceptions are alcohol-related violations, drug-related violations, and moving violations committed in Quebec or Ontario. Under special agreements, traffic convictions in Quebec or Ontario are recorded on NYS driver license records and carry points. Except for violations in Ontario and Quebec, points are not added to your NYS record for out-of-state violations.

If you do not respond to a ticket or fail to pay a fine for a moving violation that you committed in any state except Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon or Wisconsin, the DMV suspends your NYS driver license until you respond to the ticket or pay the fine. If a driver from a state except these six states fails to respond to a traffic ticket issued in NYS, their driver license will be suspended until the driver responds to the traffic ticket in NYS.

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