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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post

Hey I say it how it is.
If a player is sucking I'll call them out. Burmistrov did not do well today. Period.

I've missed two games, so who knows about them but one of them he was awarded the SJ hardest worker award so I doubt he was bad at that one.

I can 100% tell you this without a doubt in my mind... the bolded parts of your comments is just plain wrong. I don't get why you guys don't get this.

1) Just because he didn't get points in a game doesn't mean he had a bad game??? That concept is just plain... well I can only think of derogatory terms right now so I'll hold it. You can score and still play *****y and you can play awesome and not score. This has been Burmistrov's only bad game (that I've seen).

2) He's a *proven* NHLer last season. Period. He beat middle of the road competition which is better than a good half of NHL regulars can say.
*If you want to use advance stats he was 85/405 NHLers with 30+ games for Rel Corsi
*If you want to talk scoring production he's 261/405 NHLers with 30+games for pts/60mins
*the people above him could have easier assignments
IE: on average he's a top 3 forward for being able to beat his opponents he's lined up against and 8th best producing forward on most teams.

Sorry about the partial freak out rant...
Just some of those things aren't true and it bothers me. Ya maybe he won't be a top6 guy or ya maybe he won't learn to produce like we think he could if he improved certain things... but currently he tracks to be the best non-top6 guy on the Jets current roster... and he would be a solid middle 6 guy on almost any team in the NHL already.
Originally Posted by Flying High View Post
If he's not producing points, fine use Thayer argument. But by and lare center's don't tend to score many goals. Other than his Hart year Henrik Sedin has never had more than 22 goals in a season. Better trade him!

In the last two seasons Thornton has 39 goals and 147 points.

Seriously one of the first things they teach you playing hockey is assists are just as good as goals. If he's not producing points, fine use that as an argument. Bashing a center for a lack of goal scoring is simply ignorance of they way hockey is played
Look at the leading scorer in the AHL right now. Justin Schultz. Second is Eberle. Coincidentally, they play on the same team. I haven't watched any OKC games this year, but it's quite telling when the 1 and 2 in the AHL are on the same team, and one's a defensemen.

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