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League: HFs Maple Leaf Board

Contact list on posts 1 + 2. Each member has a link to their profile (click on the underlined name).

Season One Transactions:

Regular Season
- If I find you're inactive, you get one warning, and after that you're out.
- You can play team play as long as it's agreed upon by the opposing player
- You cannot claim anyone under 25 or at a 3 gold star or above rating, until the GM has announced that the player was put on waivers by him, and not the game.
- You cannot trade a bunch of picks in future years for one or two picks.
- You cannot trade away any pick farther than two years away.
- Rage quits are dealt with on a case-to-case basis

- You must play solo, no team play.
- If you lose your connection in a one or two goal game, you must restart the game and can only resume it at the time it was shut down. All goals must be awarded via empty net in the same order they were scored in.
- If you lose your connection in a game where you are losing by 3 or more goals, you forfeit that game and must play the next game with your lowest overall rated goalie.

- same rules as regular season with regards to waivers/trading
- no sign-and-trades involving UFAs who are rated over 80 whatsoever! No signed UFA 80OVA or higher can be traded until the season begins. You cannot trade a pending UFA unless you are just trading his rights.

Playoff Tree:

Round One:
1. WPG vs. 8. FLA (WPG 4-0) | 1. CGY vs. 8. VAN (VAN 4-2)
2. PIT vs. 7. BUF (BUF 4-0) | 2. DET vs. 7. SJ (DET 4-1)
3. TOR vs. 6. PHI (PHI 4-1) | 3. PHX vs. 6. MIN (PHX 4-0)
4. MTL vs. 5. NYR (NYR 4-0) | 4. CHI vs. 5. NAS (CHI 4-3)

Round Two
1. WPG vs. 7. BUF (WPG 4-3) | 2. DET vs. 8. VAN (VAN 4-3)
5. NYR vs. 6. PHI (NYR 4-3) | 3. PHX vs. 4. CHI (CHI 4-1)

Round Three
1. WPG vs. 5. NYR (WIN 4-0) | 4. CHI vs. 8. VAN (CHI 4-2)

The Stanley Cup Finals
1. WPG vs. 4. CHI (WIN 4-0)

Stanley Cup Winner: Congrats Winnipeg Jets!

Waiting List:
1. Zalemander

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