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Originally Posted by Czech Your Math View Post
Are any other players from those Cup teams still playing hockey? Maybe he didn't want to travel around the world, when he had more important things to do (rest, train, team owner, etc.)?
Some of the others have non-playing careers these days, too. And Recchi was still playing at the first anniversary. Jagr has never cared for any of these events. He's been invited to Mario's annual charity golf tournament every summer since 2001 and never showed up once. Last time he even claimed he never got the letter. The Pens then had Zbynek Michalek personally deliver an invitation to him at the WHC. He still didn't show up. Last game ever at the Igloo, over 50 Pens alumni from five decades did a pre-game ceremony, including a 91 year old Jack Riley. Guess who didn't even bother to respond even though his KHL playoffs had already been over a month ago? Exactly. He simply doesn't give a crap so why should the club keep reaching out to him?

The only time Jagr mentions Pittsburgh (the "hell" where he was "dying alive" in the late 90s) is when he tries to start a free agent bidding war for himself. Last time he made up fairytales about how he'd play for league minimum and how his heart was in Pittsburgh, and then he turned around and signed with their biggest rival because they offered a million more. That's Jagr for you, always looking out for himself and never owning up to any stupid things he's ever said and done. His spoiled man-child act has gotten tired a decade ago.

This discussion starts every time some other team's fan wants to tell Penguins fans what to think of Jagr, and it never goes anywhere so this is the last I'll say. I have nothing against the man, he was a great player. He won Art Ross trophies playing with Jan Hrdina and Kip Miller, for God's sake. You can call him a lot of things but not a choker or an underachiever. That those late 90s teams didn't win a Cup wasn't his fault. Hard to win anything when you have no defense.

But I do have a problem with his childish, selfish, pouty character and his disrespect for the organization that bent over backwards to accomodate him and made him a superstar. When things looked bleak he skipped town, he trashed the city, he burned the bridges and never tried to make amends. For a franchise where only Mario Lemieux (for all he did) and a dead rookie (for what could have been) have their numbers retired it should be extremely hard to get this honor. I see nobody else worthy of it right now, and that happens to include Jagr. He is part of the team's ring of honor display, and that's enough.

He'll show up if they retire his jersey. He might not even require an appearance fee.
Has he heard about the new casino yet?

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