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Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
Access to ice at the age of 3-4 in your back yard will always play a role in that development.

For instances, and please excuse the vagueness. Saskatchewan has 1/4 the population of BC and has produced more NHL players. Do you think it's because:

a) they are genetically superior,
b) that Sask has a far better developmental system or,
c) do you think access to ice at a young age plays a role?

Growing up in Van meant playing ball hockey 75& of the year after school or on weekends. If it we had ice anywhere and everywhere, we'd have played there.
Grew up playing road hockey 24/7 as well in a small BC town. Never played hockey competitivly but been a massive hockey fan for 20 years. Closest nhl arenas are 8 hour drive east or west. The guys whos dads built them outdoor rinks seemed to have the edge generally over those who didnt. But that goes back to those who have money can put their kids in hockey and can send them to summer hockey schools. If u have access to an outdoor surface for free them u can master the basics and strength of balance by an early age.

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