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12-01-2012, 10:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I hate to do this, but there is stupid amounts of video evidence, he flops like a fish out of water whenever gets close

One this one the stick does not even comes close to his head...

Literally every single game Vancouver game I watch I see him dive. I know I am not the only one, since it's all over the place. Like I said, my VAN friends admit he is the worst diving goalie in the NHL, it's a pretty well known thing...
He he he that's pretty funny. I stand corrected. I think I would have an issue with it if he didn't play on my second team, but he does so its ok lol. The first one he clearly got elbowed in the head, in number 3 it doesn't even look like anyone is even around him.

And you clearly kept that lat one on your PVR just for a occasion such as this.

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