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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
This was Jagr at his peak, unreal. He had just seperated himself from the rest of the pack in a way that we hadn't seen since Mario/Gretzky. This was one of those games that we as Canadians call "gutsy" because Jagr was suffering from a groin problem (or ribs, I can't remember) but either way it was a game he shouldn't have played. He ties the game, wins it in overtime against Brodeur (who has a surprisingly poor playoff overtime record) and then got 3 points for the win in Game 7. He was such a dominating force out there and in all honesty we haven't seen a player do that on the ice like Jagr since..............Jagr. That includes Ovechkin and Crosby. I'm sorry but neither had a year like 1999 Jagr.

I know the Pens had a lot of financial troubles but I really don't remember anything about the team moving to Kansas City if they lost this round. Mario still had to come and save the day in 1999 with part ownership either way so I don't think it would have mattered. The Penguins were broke at that time.
So true, he was such a pleasure to watch in his prime. With his strength and skill he made it look like he was playing with kids. And I agree that not even Crosby or Ovechkin have dominated the way Jagr did, although Ovechkin has come close. There was a lot more clutching and grabbing during Jagrs time, and the league had a lot more star power imo, which makes his dominance all that more impressive.

As a young child I cheered for Pittsburgh, and watching Jagr fly down the ice with his hair flapping behind his head are some of my most vivid NHL memories from early childhood. Mario is and always will be my idol, so it was hard at the time to understand how good Jaromir actually was. Mario's star always burned a little bit brighter. But looking back now I can realize something, and that is that the second most dominating performances Ive ever seen were Jagrs when he was in his prime

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