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12-01-2012, 11:25 PM
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I think it's pretty clear how the chips are going to fall what comes to centre forwards.

Barkov is a no-brainer for one top-six role. The other one, based on performance, will be either Granlund or Teräväinen. As for third... you guys forgotten all about Miro Aaltonen? He's a very likely name to anchor down our 3rd unit.

4th line, someone with solid two-way game. My bet is Rindell is looking at either Salminen or Leino. Too bad Teemu Henritius got so badly sidelined. He would have been ideal.

But I'm saying again, what comes this whole top-six centerman issue beyond Barkov, you guys are arguing semantics. Salomäki will very likely play together with either Granlund or Teräväinen. When there're two semi-centre/wing-mixed-bag forwards in one line, the roles are definitely not so clear cut and can switch back and forth within the game based on situation. Who's marked for center and who for wing in the roster report is nothing more than what it is - words on paper.

What comes to actual line combos... if Armia gets healthy in time, it should be pretty clear that the 93-borns should at least start together. They have earlier chemistry, and will be out after this round. The following classes need to learn how to play together the upcoming year anyway.

Salomäki - Granlund - Armia
Lehkonen/Teräväinen - Barkov - Haapala/Lehkonen
X - Aaltonen - Y
Lamberg - Salminen/Leino - Hännikäinen

X = leftover winger from top-six. Y = Kallela/Nykopp/J.Ikonen/H.Ikonen/Kulmala/whoever plays the best/Rindell picks with eeny-meeny-miny-moe.

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