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12-01-2012, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by ikelechien View Post
Actually, this is a pretty good list. Hint for the future: When you add a player outside the norm such as Bjorkstrand, explain your reasoning and you will get a much better reception and be preceived much better even if the reader may disagree with your reasoning.
Great advice. I'll give it a shot now.

- Bjorkstrand - In my 2 live viewings of I was so impressed him. He's very engaging physically; he has real soft hands with good vision, as well as a great shot for a kid his age and size. I've heard a few people compare him to Erat, and I like that comparison.

- Zykov - My only viewings of him have been the Subway Series and a Friday Night Hockey a while back. He takes the puck hard to net so often, so it's no wonder he's scoring so consistently, considering how much skill he has on top of his drive to score goals.

- Klimchuck - In my two live viewings he's scored 3 goals. Looking at the stat sheets over the last month reveals he has a penchant for scoring VERY timely goals. It's actually remarkable. This shows me that Morgan's a big-game player. (As an aside, he put up 5 points in a 6-5 loss less than 24 hours after I posted my rankings)

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