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12-01-2012, 11:34 PM
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Jeremy Jacobs

In the story from John Haggerty at Comcast Sports Network New England there are many more parts to it. Here's one quote:
Here’s a story illustrating the self-interested, tyrannical leadership at play on the NHL’s side:

Winnipeg Jets representation at a recent NHL Board of Governors meeting piped up to say it was opposed to engaging in a long, bloody lockout sure to stymie their franchise’s momentum and hurt the game of hockey.

It wasn’t Winnipeg owner Mark Chipman, but rather one of the alternate governors representing the Jets.

Bruins Principal Owner and Chairman of the Board of Governors Jeremy Jacobs answered by reprimanding the Winnipeg representative as one of the “new kids on the block” and informed him that he would know when he was allowed to speak in the NHL board room.

That’s the kind of hawkish, dismissive, bully mentality that's driving the bus for the NHL lockout that's now cancelled games through the middle of December.

It’s also the reason why Bruins fans should hold Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs personally responsible.

Jacobs was always a lightning rod for local criticism and cynicism during his close to 40 years owning the Bruins, but the Delaware North baron has deservedly won some goodwill in recent years. He has consistently spent up to the NHL salary cap over the last seven years, and the high point of his ownership came two seasons ago when he oversaw a talented Bruins team that won the Stanley Cup.

But even in the midst of his greatest moment as an NHL owner, Jacobs proved tone deaf. He couldn’t help but needle Bruins President Cam Neely during the team's championship parade for never winning his own Cup as a player. It was a cringe-worthy moment on a day that should have featured wall-to-wall grins, and it gave Bruins fans a chance to remember why they held Jacobs in contempt for so long.
And he had a blurb on Jacobs' screw-up in 2004-05:
Because Jacobs is a multi-billionaire used to winning and hearing exactly what he wants to hear at all times. During the 2004-005 lockout Jacobs and the Bruins were in a position of influence within the Board of Governors, but approached it with a horrendously flawed game plan.

The Bruins expected a wide open seller’s market for free agents coming out of that lockout, and famously allowed Mike Knuble, Brian Rolston, Sergei Gonchar and Michael Nylander among others to walk away from Boston. Jacobs never saw the 24 percent salary rollback coming from the NHLPA, and suddenly teams received tremendous discounts for all contracts signed prior to the work stoppage.

Instead of NHL free agent superstars lining up to play in Boston, the Bruins botched things further by inking glue factory FA’s like Brian Leetch and Alex Zhamnov.

The Bruins franchise bottomed out in the two years coming out of the 2004-05 lockout with a glorified expansion team roster, traded away Joe Thornton for a pittance and then cleaned house within the B’s front office before a slow rise to the top under GM Peter Chiarelli and President Cam Neely.
The news has been widely reported and commented upon, by Pierre Lebrun at ESPN, CLNS Radio, Greg Wyshynski, the Puck Daddy, at Yahoo, Brandon Worley, at Defending Big D, Ted Wyman at The Winnipeg Sun/CANOE, Scott Brown at, and even the local blog Arctic Ice Hockey.

Now, I have always known that some of the old farts of the NHL are shysters out for a buck who may or may not know the difference between a hockey stick and a hockey puck. But I never really looked into them. So I see Jacobs owns Delaware North. Their business is stuffing used urinal cakes (or something similar) into a stale bun, give it a squirt of mustard, then sell it to desperate consumers in a variety of venues where there exists a captive audience.

Yet it seems that the owners of the other NHL teams seem satisfied to allow this guy to be able to scuttle any deal. In fact, Bettman seemingly only needs 8 owners behind him to ensure a lockout.

IMO, more needs to be done flush out this Jacobs character, and those who support him. One would think that Delaware North is susceptible to losing contracts at all sorts of locales.

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