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12-01-2012, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
I wouldn't say the success of one team can make a hockey program rebound, it starts at the youth level. The more skilled the youth is the better it is for the hockey system and there is a better chance they can develop into professional players. But the success of this team could raise interest and bring about more youth involvement in the sport and enthusiasm.
Have you been to Slovakia? Your flag says Canada. Not saying anything negative, just saying hockey is pretty huge there. I was over there just after the WC in 2011, and the interest was really high. Hockey stuff everywhere, like you would expect in Canada. Now the WC obviously impacted that, but popularity is not the problem over there, IMO.

It was always facilities and money. There was just not proper development happening for much of the 90's, and as a result there is a huge dearth of top end talent in Slovakia right now from players aged 22-30 for that reason. Those are the players whose formative years were in the post-Soviet/Czechoslovakia era, where the Slovaks had a real lack of organization, money, facilities, everything.

All I am saying, is that it really seems like the Slovak program is starting to round the corner. The young talent is just beginning to start to rebound as can be seen by some of these youngsters breaking into the program in Slovakia, such as Janus, Hudacek, Dano, Stastny among other players like Jurco and Tatar. The youth program seems to slowly be recovering, and we are starting to see the results in Slovan, is all I am saying. And with the way Slovan is building their team using and developing youngsters, it will be a real boost for Slovak hockey, IMO.

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