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Originally Posted by mapleleaf979 View Post
I watched the Bantam Marlboros vs Nats and minor midget MArlboros vs JR Canadiens.

MArlies won 9-1. The 98 Marlies have some really good players. They appear to have a nice system down which I credit Paul Coffey for that. Mikey Mcleod got injured tonight,I do not think its serious but he left the game and did not return. Mcleod looks like he has all the tools and is another powerful and wonderful and smooth skater, hands, visions, etc. Mcleod is well ahead of others. Could easily play Minor Midget and flourish. #98 Mizzi is another player who could play on the 97 team as well. Unreal skater, very explosive and constant work ethic. Mizzi will be high end pick next year. #57 Cairns is a big boy and played a nice game from the back end. Great passes. The young Coffey is another super smart, great skater, hopefully he grows a bit more. #44 Hunter hit everything in site, reminded me of Zac Rinaldo. Low end skill, but decent skater. Fantastic skaters on that team.

Minor Midget Game : Marlies vs Jr canadiens

MArlies won 4-1. Pretty boring game. So many turnovers the game lacked flow of any kind. Josh De Farius is the best skating defenseman on the Marlboros. He logs alot of minutes and uses his feet to skate himself out of trouble. Confident player. Excellent mobility in all directions. Does not Panic. Also is not physical. Alot of the remaining Marlboro defenseman panic when u press hard on the forecheck. Stephens always leaves me wanting more. Does not look focused at times. Stephens has Konecny like tools but doesnt seem to want to display them as often. This is what Konecny has over all the other top guys is hunger and consistency. Consistency is a mindset, its impossible to teach that to a player.

Will Lawrence played a good game. He is consistent and I always notice him out there. He doesnt have a ton of high end skill. He does have a nice work ethic and skates well.

Noah Jordan moves very, very well for a player his size. Does not hit as much as he should. Tends to keep his head down when moving at full speed.

Zach Wilkie had a very average game from others Ive seen him in. I like his physical game and he makes solid, hard outlet passes usually right on the tape. Skates well, good size. He has good shot. One of the best body checkers in MM.

TJ Fergus. Skates well but not top tier. Has a very good hockey IQ. He does not play physical but thats not his game. He moves the puck well. Works super hard on the PK. I saw him play 4 straight mins on the PK and kill it off last week.

My player of the game was a 98. Adam Mascherin #71. This kid has some moves, explosiveness and hands. Very creative. He was the most dangerous player on either team all game long. He turned the defenseman inside out and a few occasions, seems to want to challenge the Dmen on the Rush whenever he can. Fantastic puck skills. He will be a high first round pick next year thats for darn sure.
DId Mete play for Jr Cdns? He can move the puck efficiently and can skate very well.

Maschering is great player for Underager, but he will lack size. He is like Pollisello and Cianfrone.

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