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12-02-2012, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Killion, if you're hiding financial numbers from the players, those numbers won't come out in the audit either.

The other possibility is that the NHLPA looked at the books for the 6-12 teams, found that the teams were making more profit than the NHL was letting on, but can't talk about it due to non-disclosure agreements.
If that was the case, someone would have leaked it. There's 700 players, and the NHL did hand over 72,000 pages of financials. You have to think that out of those 700 players, if someone was wrong, or the NHL wasn't in bad shape, one of those players would be speaking to the media with the promise of anonymity. That's not something that could be kept a secret.

Originally Posted by M A K A V E L I View Post
That doesn't matter. The lockout isn't about fringe NHL players. It's being driven by the middle to top tier earners on the player side and the hardliner scrooges on the owner side. Everyone else doesn't really have a voice.
I'm not so sure about that - at least on the owners side. There's too much money involved for these guys to be listening to only a few of the owners - unless they absolutely believe they can get the PA to give in to something specific.

What disappoints me is that the PA's last offer should have been something the NHL could have negotiated off of (or at least on the financials - the ~200m or so separation). The 20% cap is likely too large (over 30m after 5-6 years), and the PA's buyout rules blow, as does their stipulation that their long term contract rule only applies going forward (really must be retroactive). However those are things these guys should be able to negotiate to their liking.

NHL gives on contractual issues, but gets a rule about players retiring before their contracts are up (and how the cap hit applies). Buyouts, arbitration, FA and ELC's remain the same as today. Cap drops to 50% + ~300m that the owners pay out over 3 years. Not sure how I'd address the cap ceiling (if its % based or $ based).

But this shouldn't be the show stopper that it seems to be.

Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
Apparently this lockout is killing downtown St. Paul! Good job NHL! Putting even more people out of work!
If the players just signed one of the many offers the NHL's proposed, they'd be playing tomorrow... there's two parties, and the blame is on both for not coming to an agreement.

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