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Originally Posted by Hockeypete49 View Post
We used to wait outside the Spectrum and once the puck was dropped the price for tickets dropped to. The scalpers just about gave them away. But I have to admit, the RNR bar was my favorite place to go. We became very tight with the owners and I would take my future wife there on Sundays and grab dinner and watch the games.
I could tell you some stories about that place you would not beleive!! This was mid to late 70's. The town I lived in did not get cable till 1978 and once that came in that was the end of that. I spent many a night just listening to the games on radio and writing down the goals. Did alot of writing with teams like the Seals, Scouts, Barons etc LOL The things we did to watch hockey huh?
The real difficult season was the one where Philly had both the Flyers and the new WHA Blazers and Bernie -- oh how I hated when he walked out on them as the Playoffs began... but was overjoyed when the Flyers got his rights back -- Trying to listen or watch both that season was insane. LOL

IIRC though it was the next season were South Jersey got the relocated New York Golden Blades and housed them for the last half of the season at the old 'Ice House" across Brace(?) Road from Kominsky's... Had wire fencing instead of glass, which caused excitement with fast-arsed crazy caroms. Tickets were easy to get and I Believe the crowds were decent, but the venue was too small to hold enough. Some South Jersey hockey zanies adopted them and I for one attended a few games in their short time here... I believe Harry Howell was the player coach and the name they adopted was 'The Jersey Knights'... which was chosen because when they moved ninety miles south to the area, the only place with enough uniforms on hand had ones with Chess Piece Knights on them... so they bought them and just named the team to fit the jerseys. I recall that some players skated on ice still with skates that had golden tinted blades... I forget where they relocated to after they bolted Cherry Hill, but I do remember that the Blazers relocated to Vancouver -- without Bernie -- after the single season at Philadelphia Convention Hall... Should have taken the hint when before they took their first shift at the Hall, the ice cracked and they had to send the crowd home and postpone their first Opening Night.

Yeah... early Philadelphia/South Jersey hockey times were insane... I'm happy to have a few of us old-timers around here to pass down the tales.

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