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12-02-2012, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Cawz View Post
You mean, like tops in the league? Is that enough of an outlier?
Originally Posted by Cawz View Post
Well, I disagree. Its all about context. Taken in the correct context, its a fine stat.

All stats are flawed by the way, becasue they are affected by the other players on the ice.

I just found it funny that he mentioned that it needs to be an outlier. Tops in the league is a pretty good outlier. No-one outlies more at the moment.
Whoosh, flew right across your head.

That's not an outlier at all and is reminiscent of the examples given of Ovechkin and Jeff Schultz previously.

When I say outlier, I mean someone who has a high +/- on a bad defensive team that is also low-scoring where many of his teammates are in the negatives.

Or they have a very low negative +/- on a team that is decent defensively and high scoring.

For example, Brett Lebda going -3 in a 9-3 win for the Leafs is indicative of bad defense.

In Justin's case, OKC is tied for 2nd in GF in the West and Justin scores a lot of points and is involved in a lot of goals.

If anything, his +/- is more of a testament to his offensive abilities than his defensive abilities in this case.

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