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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Murphy would finish in 1995-'96. I don't think he was so much a scapegoat in Toronto until 1996-'97 when they booed him out of town and into the hands of two more Cups (never liked how we did that). So he still has two Cups as a #1 defender
Coffey was the #1 for the 91 Cup. He wasn't sent packing until the middle of the 91-92 season. That said, Murphy was a Norris finalist multiple times and a key member of those Pittsburgh teams. He was still considered a top-flight defenseman in Toronto in 1995-96, as well.

No to Pronger huh? Hard to say with him, he'd have played 12 years at that time and we would definitely look at him in a much different light than we do today. Much different.
He was a Hart winner and Norris winner. He had been a Norris finalist three times. If you had put 2007, he's guaranteed as no 4-time finalist has been denied entry. But with a Hart, a Norris, and three finalist appearances he's almost certainly a lock.

No one votes Niedermayer yet and I find that a little funny since the media is in love with him as much as anyone else. He's got three Cups, an Olympic gold, a Norris, a 1st and second team all-star, and a World Cup victory. That being said we all know that he really didn't blossom until 2003.
And even then, he won the Norris in 2004 more on a combination of taking over the #1 job in New Jersey and Lidstrom having a down offensive year. Realistically, it should have been a tight three-way race between Lidstrom, Chara, and Pronger. Pick one, all would be the "correct" answer.

And again in 2007, Niedermayer finished ahead of Pronger, when Pronger rightfully deserved the Norris. The 2007 selection wouldn't count for this poll, but over his entire career he has a Norris and three first-team selections; he should just have four second-team selections. If he retires in 2004, he's a maybe who probably falls on the "yes" side, but he likely has to wait a while.

And Ron Francis was 19th all-time in points and 9th in assists, with a Selke. It would be pretty hard to argue that he doesn't belong at that point.

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