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12-02-2012, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
When Campbell was drafted, i'd argue he was a blue-chip prospect. To say he wasn't at the time of the draft, would be wrong, imo. He was the top goalie in his draft class. Showed very well at the WJC's for the US team, he was 'pegged' as a future #1 starter. Now, maybe not, though he's still very young.

But you take a chance with all draft picks you make. Some work out, some don't. Whether they work out, that's up to many, many things.

For every Jack Campbell's or Brent Krahn's or Trevor Kidd's there's a Carey Price, MA Fleury, Tom Barrasso or Martin Brodeur -key cornerstone players for their teams - also taken in the 1st round.

Our depth in goal is very weak, imo, i'd rather they take a guy in the 2nd round that is rated somewhat highly going into the draft than a taking a flyer on a guy in the 5th round or later. If all you have is flyers, the chances of some of them working out is pretty slim.
That's my point about throwing that term around too loosely. It should take something monumental to stop being a "blue-chip prospect". Blue-chip to me doesn't just mean "very good".

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