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Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
Turning 18 in under two weeks. Going to either Illinois or Indiana next year for college. I have a connection that might set me up with an interview with the right people. No guarantees, but I'm saying there's a chance.
one of my chi-based cousins is doing the same. where are you applying in Il and In? My cousin is applying to Urbana-Champaign re: Illinois and Indi Bloomington. I think her first choices are actually Duke or Notre Dame (and a few NE US schools)..but she's also doing the "closer" schools. It's hard for her..for the college apps she's got every thing going for her (and is one of the top students in her class) - but the ACT has not been her that's complicating things for her.

i feel sorry for you guys in the Canada it's a lot more clear cut...for admission alone they really just care about your marks (scholarships are a bit different)...but if you're applying to an Arts/Sci program and assuming you're over the cut-off for your desired can tell even before you apply whether you're likely to get in or not. ... it's more complicated if you're border-line...but if you're not, you're not overly stressed re where you'll get accepted in canada.

eta- culk, don't worry about whether you want a job or not at an early stage...if you decide you don't want to work somewhere make that decision *after* you got offered the job.

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